Jiula is the anacronym for Jasz-it-up leather accents,

I am Lynne Wilson and I started Jasz-it-up leather accents in 2013 selling on ebay, and then Jiula.com.au

If you have any questions please ask,
if you need to source some parts for your projects I maybe can help.
A lot of people have which is why we have range that we do.

Leather was one of my favourite mediums,
sandal making I couldn’t wear factory made, bought shoes because of an accident as a child.


Prior to 2013 it was relatively easy to get supplies from local stores but they gradually close their doors and the only supplier we had was the traveller from Brisbane. Even they stopped coming as time went on.

I have sourced suppliers from Australia and from experience over many years, China.

with a large range of rivets, eyelets and Chicago screws,

small shoe buckles, blank DIY belt buckles.

Purse frames and purse feet,

Box making – latches, hinges, corners, screws and nails

Bag making – catches, dees, rings

Press machine dies and hand setters

for rivets, eyelets, press studs and snap fasteners

Hole Punches ranging from 1mm to 40 mm

And many more