And what do we do in our spare time

We spend our time jasz-ing up things to make them look really great.

We also spend a lot of time researching the internet
to find exciting things like –

  • plain round flat rivets for joining and finishing work up from 2-3mm up to 12mm thick
  • decorative rivets – roses, stars, punk symbols, crosses, bowl and half round barrel rivets, plus many more
  • dimensional rivets – mushroom rivets, round cone rivets or square pyramid rivets

buckles for belts
small buckles for bags, belts and shoes for toddlers and dolls.

And tiny key rings for Barbie Dolls, or punk clock gear charms for book covers and our own stylish fashion belts.

Chicago Screws, also called bookbinding screws, screwed posts

clutch purse and handbag clasps.
Plus extras for making purses, wallets and bags.

eyelets, grommets

    • plain round eyelets or grommets
    • flower eyelets
    • holed eyelets
    • mesh eyelets
    • screwed eyelets
    • diamante eyelets

Dees and O-rings

if you need to know anything or want a special part, let us know.

Note: This is a work in progress, many of our items are not listed on our website yet, but they are available through eBay

The items listed here are synced with ebay, so you can buy straight from the website or through eBay – your choice.