Details of Press Stud hand setter – button die

Details of the curve of the button setter for the 15mm press stud

the button setter for the 15mm press stud

We are only looking, here, at the button, the part of the press stud that is seen, it’s sits on the outside of the press stud on the article.

The parts are








We are only looking at the hand setter for the button of the 15mm press stud,
note: the button die hand setter – the sides are straight, dimensions – height 20mm, diameter 24mm. (The press machine die steps down to 19mm to fit into the base hole),

The purpose here, is to attempt to show the curve of the button as on the button setter,

I have used oogoo here, as I could find my plasticine and no shops open at the time (always late in the afternoon). Oogoo – this lot, a mix of silicone and potato flour, is softer than plasticine, until it sets,

So the edges aren’t as sharp, but does show the definitions, well enough I think.

and more views

and the button

hope this helps.